Monday, July 11, 2011


I skipped my Weight Watcher's weigh in on Saturday.
I just needed to sleep.
which I did
Until 10 am!

but according to my scale at home I am down a pound.

I have been struggling with motivation this last couple weeks.
I just haven't had it in me to track or even stay on plan.
I've craved crap

but this week
I am putting my foot down
I've come too far to waste all this hard work to gain it all back
I've lost 52 pounds so far
I realized yesterday.. and told the hubs..
I haven't weighed this weight since I was preggers with our 10 year old.
I seriously almost started crying people.
I remember.. I was all set to join the Army in 2000..March I believe.
I was packed and papers signed.
the morning I was supposed to leave, they did one last weigh in (I was border line then) and they said I was about a pound over.
I was devistated.
We(my recruiter and I) tried desperately for three days (since they gave me a second chance) to lose that one pound.
never came off..
and voila.. I found out I was pregnant.
so.. I suppose it all works out for a reason or another.

I weighed what I do now.
it feels good!
I would love to lose another 30 pounds.
I AM going to lose another 30 pounds!

I have to share a recipe I played with last night.
I wanted spaghetti
but also wanted something cheesy

so I made this..

started with penne
oh yeah.. please forgive my crappy pics. My phone has a mind of it's own.. I even used the flash.. go figure..

then added some fresh basil from my window herb garden
and some chopped cheese

then added some spaghetti sauce and cottage cheese.. some seasonings (italian seasoning, salt, pepper)

and the finished product

mmmm all warm n gooey from the oven..
it tasted like lasagna a little..
I got nine servings from this batch and figure it to be 4 points plus.. seriously.. and that was using the recipe builder.. nice huh?

I wish my camera would work better.. I need to learn how to use it I guess..

so.. this week for my slimmer this summer week 6 challenge

I am going to re-boot my mind.
I am determined to do it!

an update on the strength training..
can you say SORE? holy cow!
I am glad for the weekend to recover..
my legs are so painfully sore..
but now I know I have muscles to burn!!

I did get my running in though.. I can do two and a half miles now.. woohoo!! I am going to try for three by the end of the week. that is jogging the whole time..and it's hard! and sweaty!

so.. on to a new week.


Ms. Scooter Butt said...

It is good that you are cooking with WW in mind. I see that a plus and a budget saver. Keep up your magic journey.

Colie's Kitchen said...

Congrats on your weight loss that's great!!! Keep up the good work and the results will show. It's not always easy to get motivated at least not for me, but it will pay off!! Nicole @

downsizers said...

It can be so hard to get the enthusiasm back. I think part of it is that it is never fast enough to suit us. As you change your eating habits permanently, time won't be an issue. The weight will come off one way or another - maybe not as quickly as you would like but the behavior changes are what are most important. We don't have to be all giddy and excited - just committed.

Anonymous said...

Over this journey, I've discovered that the enthusiasm comes and goes, just like the pounds go up and down. It DOES come back - we just need to practice patience and keep on track until it does. Some days I mutter "Just Get Through the Day" to myself all day long.

You've come a long way, and you can make it to the end!

Michele said...

Glad you are getting that running in. Keep that going for sure.keep that reboot going. You can do this. You can.

Anonymous said...

Girl, 52 pounds lost so far is a wonderful place to be. It shows that you CAN achieve what you set out to - now do it! ;)