Monday, July 18, 2011

It's a new week.. time to start fresh!

I know.. I've said that alot lately.

I need help!

this week.. I mean it!

I am stocked up on lots of fruits n veggies n healthy snacks
so I have no reason to eat crap


I was up .8 at weigh in.
which..given my record the last couple of weeks.. I'll take it.

I haven't tracked
I haven't tried to lose
I gave up basically

but I'm not ready to lose (tee-hee) that's bad wording.

but I am a fighter
so here I go..

this week's plan
eat all my fruits n veggies
get my five pound sticker.. which will be my 25 pound charm with weight watchers.
I have a new goal
I want that damn charm!
it will be 3 pounds this week.. but I can do it
I've done it before..

My plan for today.
Grapefruit and greek yogurt for b-fast ..yummy 3 points +
lean cuisine and salad for lunch mmmmm  9 p+
cherries for snack before workout 0 p+
ff popcorn for snack after workout 1 points +

big salad for dinner mmmmmmm
another gym workout after dinner.. gonna beat that stairmasters arse!

I'm still a little sore from my awesome yoga class yesterday, but I am going to be continuing my weight training progam ala me.. I don't really have a great "plan" here.. I am just doing workouts as I see them.. so if anyone has a great fat blasting, muscle building program.. could ya help me out here?

I almost forgot.. I'm running a 5k tonight! with our weight watchers group.. it's just for fun.. but whoop! I'm gonna sweat some poundage off for sure!


downsizers said...

Sounds like you are set up for a successful week as far as your environment goes. Now you have to do this. We can all support you but you have to find the strength to do this. I hope you do. It will be so worth it.

Michele said...

I am glad that you are still here and updating your STS progress.

I am not sure if you will like what I have to say, but, I am going to say it anyway.

You see, I see myself in you. For years I made all the excuses (yep, that is what they are) like you have posted about. The years actually turned into decades. Now I am 57 and it was not until I was 56 that I finally, finally made the decision to take care of me. Me. That is what this journey is all about: taking care of yourself. It is hard. There is no magic. It is about eating less and moving more. That is it. Sure there are other things like tracking your calories and always planning, but, those are small potatoes after the eat less and move more mantra.

Last week you said: this was it. I believe the week before you did, too. And the week before that. This is serious, this journey. It means a life style change. It is hard. You are worth the efforts and your kids deserve a healthy mom.

Most of all, you can do it. You can.
I send this to you with the utmost respect for you as a human being. If you are a weight loss blogger and serious about the STS challenge, than do it! You can e mail me any time with your anger at what I said to you, or anything else.

Make this week the one where you turn yourself around. Do it for you and for your kids and family.

Sugar said...

oh Michele. that doesn't make me angry at all. If I didn't want someone to kick me in the bum about my excuses.. I wouldn't have put it all out there on my blog and asked for it :)
it is easy to say.. but much harder to do. especially with the temptations and such.. I can blame genetics but I am trying to use that as my motivation. I don't want to die young or be miserable for the rest of my life. I want to stop the chain of crap that is my life. I am trying. I am not giving up. we'll see what happens :)

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I love what Michelle said! She is so right, I've been there and am still kinda going through a slump. I let salad lettuce go to waste last week in favor of eating granola bars. Grr. Stick with it and stick to the plan!

Michele said...

Sugar, I am so proud of you. At least you are persistent and refuse to give up. You go girl! Kick that stair masters butt!

Also, I loved what Michele wrote and I need to write it down for myself. Excuses and chocolate just seem so much easier than motivation and salad. :) But we want to be smaller and healthier so we need to change our behavior and stick with it for the long haul.

Keep up the hard work!

Michele said...

Yes, It is VERY HARD to make lifestyle changes and get healthy. Much easier to say it than do it. But, I am saying it and doing it. It can be done. It requires a lot of determination and resolve. I waited way to long. I am betting you will turn this around. You can. You can. Michele K