Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I did pretty good..

it was a loooong holiday weekend.
I took two days off.. then we got Monday off.. so I had a total of five days off!!
do you think I got anything done that I wanted to?
I got a few things checked off my list..
but nothing big.
eh well.
I did get a workout in every day though.. and a couple trips to the park to walk the doggies..

I checked in at ww's.. I am up .6 again.. but I suppose thats not too horrible considering we had a parade the night before.. and I drank a ton of diet soda. I think it made me a lil bloated..

I took the girls to a lil carnival after working out.. I had some nachos and another diet soda.. mmmmmm (wait.. no.. they were icky) lol.. that's what I have to tell myself.. food is icky.. right?

I did discover a great way to not eat goodies at a party..
invite six or seven teenagers and a couple of pre-teens..
turn on guitar hero
put food on table.
walk away..
make sure you're arms are still attached. lol

I managed a couple carrots and maybe one or two crackers with homemade guac and salsa..
great way to avoid the extra calories! :)

I made some awesome potato salad for lunch yesterday..
I used three smallish potatoes leftover from a bbq the night before
added some dijon mustard
salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic salt

I chopped up some celery, cilantro, a pickle and some onion (please forgive my crappy phone pics..)

added some light mayo

 and some fresh homegrown dill mmmmm
 taa-daa yummy potato salad
I got three servings.. which equal about 7 P+ per serving.. soooo worth it to me :)

my plan for today

a protein smoothie.. mmmmm these are soooo yummy..
a scoop of protein powder
some frozen fruit
ice and water..
yummmmyyy!! 2P+
a grapefruit 0P+

a ww's frozen dinner.. baked ziti 5P+
a peach 0P+

a granola bar pre-gym 5P+

dinner? probably a salad or some whole grain pasta salad.. ooh that sounds good.. add some veggies.. yumo!

I am going to continue to do well this week.. because I finally decided.. I am worth it!
I watched Oprah yesterday.. at the gym..
and it was an episode where she had a bunch of people she's inspired and helped to lose weight.
I was finally able to click in my head.. that all these people can lose soooo much weight.. and they finally decided they are worth it.. so why aren't I? why can't I do it?
I think that is what has been holding me back..
yes..I've lost 50 pounds.
but I still have at least 30 to go.. to be completely happy..
and I know I can't get hung up on the number. but it is a number to measure by..
so.. I think by asking myself, why can't I? I finallly can find an answer..for myself.
instead of just thinking.. I can do it..
because that isn't working as of now..
I have to challenge myself.. why not?
I hope this makes sense.
thanks Oprah!


Thrice Blessed said...

What you said makes perfect sense to me!

Julie said...

Me too. We can only do this for ourselves. Only us can take care of us and make us the healthiest possible. Take care and have a blessed week.