Monday, June 25, 2012

what I was doing this weekend

I made some Paleo chocolates :)
yup. they're skulls.
I used cocoa, coconut oil, coconut and vanilla.. easy and yummy!

I got my greenman tatt finished. doesn't he look awesome?
it's on the inside of my upper arm..

Friday.. I decided to try a crossfit workout.
it rocked,  but I am a sore mama still!
I did three sets of each exercise.. I didn't count, I just did as many as I could each time..maybe that was my mistake..
I did box jumps (you squat then jump up on a "box" which I used something the gym had, squats with dumbbells, some wall balls (you throw a medicine ball over your head at the wall then squat when you catch it) some dead lifts, tons of crunches, sit ups with medicine ball throws, bicycle crunches..
whew! I made it through all that.. then managed to run four miles.. I thought I was going to fall off the treadmill lol
so.. I soaked my legs in super hot water with epsom salt.. helped a lil.. not much.. so I rode the bike for 40 minutes to try to loosen up my aching muscles.. then ellipticalled a lil..
still sooooo sore! you should see me trying to get in and out of my car! ha!
but I am not going to give up. nope. I will just work upper body until I can stand to move my lower body voluntarily lol

oh yeah! I forgot.. I made some "snack mix"
coconut, almonds, flax seeds, squash seeds, cocoa and coconut oil. mmmm

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Alex said...

ok- I NEED to know how you made those skulls, NEED! Recipe and do you have a mold? YOU rock girl!!!