Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Goods

I woke up bright and early Saturday to go the the new member meeting.
Which was freggin hard after being up till 2 partyin the night before. uh hem
but I did it.
I was up and out the door by ten to eight
I made it there and the meeting didn't actually start until 9.
So I got registered and bought the hungover hubster b-fast.
got myself an egg mcmuffin (what a great way to start losin weight eh?)

Then I trodded back into the room to wait for the slow comers to trickle in.
There were quite a few I must say for that early in the morning. On a Saturday.

I was sooo excited. :)

I got my materials and we listened to the teacher explain a few things and off we went to be our point countin selves. woot!

Oh.. the weigh in
omg I just about died right there

I think the scale is a few pounds off from the one I am used to.
 but we will see.
my weight was 185 eep! I know. (scroll over to highlight the invisible ink)
so.. that's my starting point.
I could blame it on all the long islands the night before. which I think I will. :)
We will see what happens this week.
So far so good.

I went to a power tone class and it totally kicked my arse! I thought I was doing okey dokey on the workouts but omg no way!!
This was intense and I was sweating like a pig after just a few minutes. I managed to keep up with the instructor though until the very end when she did these scissor fly torture things with weights and I couldn't do the last two of the set. But I was happy. I did it!
I missed the classes so I am going to try to go to at least two a week again. They definitely challenge you and burn calories and tone the body for sure!
I will get more info uploaded when I get my online stuff goin in. That's the thing I'm excited for. I signed up for the monthly pass, which includes the online stuffs!

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