Thursday, January 27, 2011


So last night, I was running a little busy.. Had to do some shopping for the dad, some crafting for my online friends, and somehow make it to the gym. I was also feeling lazy. Again.
I have gotten into the bad habbit of eating out.
Lazyness I know
utter slothnessness
I had some chicken nuggets and fries and only felt guilty for a minute.

Cuz then I ellipticalled my arse off at the rec center!
I burned (according to the technical thingabajigy) 383 in 30 minutes. I was sweaty!!
Then the kids got bored and we left.
That was my night all.
loads of excitement I know.
But I did forget to tell ya..
I workout at lunch.
We have this uber awesome gym at work.
ok it's pretty old.
But it's still at work.
So we don't have to leave the building.
which is great for those lazy folk.
uh hem

But I decided I'd be superwoman and change my weights on my dumbbells.
from, k get this
10 pounds

dun dun dun

a whoppin

15 pounds!!

I did all my reps!!

Carry on with your day :)

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