Monday, January 10, 2011


I gained three pounds!
I am not blaming the two pieces of pizza I had for dinner last night.
I am not blaming my complete lack of planning or intake of water for the week.
I'm going to blame the new migraine meds.
Even if the side effects are weight loss.
gotta blame something other than myself, right?
I have to accept that I messed up.
And learn from what I did and move on.
Which I will do. this week.
I am so excited for Saturday morning.
I have officially decided to join Weight Watchers that morning! squeee!!

I am ready.
More than ready.
Bring the weight loss on bitches! :)

For today, I am sticking with my cottage cheese and lean cusines.
Making sure I get tons of water and lots of good exercise.

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*The_Fisher_Family* said...

If you have checked my blog you can see that I failed to do hCG twice but I am back on it and in one day am down 6 pounds I love the diet I just have to stick to the protocal and I have my motivation.. Dustin, myself and Rylee are going to Disneyland this year and I dont want to look like a beached whale in shorts :) You would be surprised if you saw me how much weight I have gained since the birth of the twins which is no longer an excuse since they are almost 3 can you believe it? I hope to come in soon and see you girls I miss you guys so much and the funny conversations that we would have have poor Fred. (i think thats his name anyways its been to long) talk to you soon. congrats on the the 30 pounds lost thats awesome by the way YAY!