Friday, October 12, 2012

weigh in!

dunnnn dunnnn dunnnn

I am down 1.5#'s

not horrible..
a loss is a loss, right?

I had to admit, I haven't been trying all that hard this week..
I've been getting my water in.. yeah. but everything else has kind of been thrown to the back of the room..

the kidlings have been keeping this mama busy..
one forgets things so I have to run her stuff..
one started basketball so we go to her games..
not to mention theres a football game tonight.. a big one! and the girls have been working super hard practicing for half mama makes them dinner and takes it to them (a couple times lol)

so needless to say.. I have been neglecting my exercise and meal planning..

next week will be better.. I have the weekend to recoup and recover and move forward.

how did you do with the challenge?

I made sure I got a butt-load of water in every day.. ok. a few bladders full

so.. the challenge this week, er, next week?
will be to keep up with the water
because it's oooooh soo good for you


here's my major issue and the challenge.........



not really.

snacks are ok- IF- they are a fruit or veggie..

I have some sick obsession with chips and crackers.. and sweets.. they call to me. I need to shut them up once and for all!

my "clean eating" is back on baby!

so if you want to join in on this weeks challenge.. or any week.. add yourself to the linky bajiggy at the top ^

I am going to track every single thing I put in my body
I am going to post it.. so everyone knows what I am eating.

if that isn't motivation to eat "good stuff" IDK what is!
how embarrasing to post that I ate a cupcake or twinkie (even if I don't like em) if they are in my house.. I'll eat it!

are you ready for this???

bring it on!

oh yeah.. just sharing my new water bottle..

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spunkysuzi said...

Congrats on the loss! I'm glad we're keeping the water challenge going and yes I'll be tracking and avoiding snacks :)

Weigh in this week -3.8!