Friday, October 26, 2012


ok. seriously.
I know I'm not trying all that hard.
but no change?
at all?
it is better than gaining.
but I need to LOSE weight. not keep it.
can someone just take it for me?

pretty please?


this week.
I will focus on losing weight.
I haven't been all that focused on myself lately.
with buying the house. and getting ready for Halloween. and basketball games. and work.
my hair is falling out.
for reals.

I need to find myself again.
like inside.
and out.
cuz there's only one me.

so the challenge this week

make a conscious effort to control what you want your outcome to be.
whether it is to lose, maintain, eat better, exercise more.. etc..
pick one or two things to make a huge effort to work on.
do it (them)

that's it.
easy peasy?

if it were.. we'd all be supermodels.

wanna see my soon to be kitchen?

 isn't it preeeetyyy?? :)
and just for fun.. the tree they included for us. cute huh?

1 comment:

spunkysuzi said...

Love that kitchen!!
I want to do some more C25K walks, and make sure to keep getting my water in!
Hope you have a great week Sugar.