Friday, March 11, 2011

I did it!

I jogged and actually kept up with the skinny athletic chick next to me on the treadmill!
Woot woot!!

I am getting better at this crap. I tell ya..

I am up to 1.9 miles and feel great..
no back issues.
the only issue is the neck. I get a little sharp tightening on one side.. it comes and goes. Nothing to make me stop, that's for sure.
oh and the ankle. the right one. I don't care much for her right now. she's complaining and I tell her.. shut the hell up and get used to it lady.

So.. my next adventure, will have to be finding a new swim suit and getting in the pool for some laps. I'm more hesitant about the suit thing. NO one wants to see this chick in a swimsuit.

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