Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I am sooooooo nervous to actually be sharing my excessivness..

But I happened on this
plus size bloggers contest
from March 1st through the 31st is a competition to lose the most inches.

here goes..
You can not look if you are weak of stomach. ....

neck: 15
upper arm L 12.5
upper arm R 12.4
chest 34.5
waist 35
abdomen 36
bum 41 (eeeek!) seriously
upper thigh L 23
upper thigh R 23.5
calf L 16
calf R 15.5
upper knee L 16
upper knee R 15.5
total: *big huge sigh*

o m g!
I'm gross!

But that is a wake up call.

I am going to make myself smaller this month.
If it wasn't just for the sheer motivation of embarrassing the hell out of myself. :)

There you have it.

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