Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Monday!

Gooood Monday morning!!

psst.. it's my birthday!! :)

I got my first present Saturday. I lost two pounds!!! eeee I was soooooo excited!!

Then hubby took me to lunch and surprised me with my bff from high school showing up! It was the best lunch ever!!

Me n my hunkaman
my bff n her hubby
Then the kidlets got me some cuuuute lil goodies,, a pink windchime, some incense, and some smelly good stuff.. And my hunkaman got me a barnes & noble gift card.. yay books!
hubster made me a diet coke better then sex cake.. it was only 4 pp's per piece! and soooooo goood!! mmmm

I was off to a great week.. the whole fam came to the rec center with me, that was awesome!
I jogged a mile and a half! woot!!
here's my hunkaman and kidlet number one workin out :)

Can't wait to start this week..

oh yeah.. guess what??

I made my 5% goal and ten pounds!! woot woot!!

Now I'm aiming for 10%.. let's do this!

Oh and my hubby loves me..
got these at work..


Laugh It Off said...

Happy Birthday! I'm working on my 10% too. Keep plugging away - we can do it.


Kara said...

Happy birthday!!!! Looks like you celebrated well. :)

Katie J said...

Happy Birthday!

So was the cake better then sex? LOL!

Sugar said...

Thanks ladies! and yes.. the cake was wonderful!