Monday, March 14, 2011

moving on slowly but surely

I am so rocking my challenges!
First.. with fitblogger's challenge I am loggin my runs (jogs) @ it has been awesome so far. I can just grab my phone and add it right on the treadmill. lol.
I have a picture of my goods last week.
I ran 11.85 miles. I made my goal to do 5 miles.
I am a lil competitive I suppose.

I apparently ran from point a to point b. wherever those are lol.
I guess I'll need to figure out how to move myself to Utah. :)

As far as the WW WI.. I stayed exactly the same. Which I was sooo relieved about. I went to a friends the night before and had TWO glasses of wine, a brownie and a cookie. *gasp* I know.
I needed a treat. And it was fun. so neener.

I hope to be down this week. I can feel the 10% calling my name.
I'm trying really hard not to hide from it.

Going to have to up my game this week.

Oh.. have to share a funny story. bout swimming.
I decided yesterday.. I'd try to do the triathlon training thingy.
I plopped my arse on the bike for five miles. no biggie. got a lil sweaty.

Then I scooted over to the treadmill.
I so wasn't feeling it yesterday. But I turned up the speed and managed 20 minutes of jogging. Got almost two miles in.
pretty sweaty now. woot!

I grab kidlet number two and head down to the pool.
I pluck my suit outta my bag. The suit is from last year. And the year before that.. btw.
I proceed to try to put this thing on. It is one of those with the tankini top and some bottoms consisting of a skirt short combo type thing.
It is noticably too big. By about two sizes.
I think. cool.
Then kinda panic.
Maybe it will just stick to me in the water..
No good.
It doesn't stick, as much as it flops down with every movement.
nice huh?
I get a slow lap in.. giggling so much by the time I find the ladder, kidlet number two is giggling just to see me giggle so much.

*sigh* we hit the hot tub and I think of buying a new suit. asap.

so. my goal this week.. fifteen miles? doable.
I am going to actually measure everything. every time. awesome, no?

Have a great day!

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