Friday, March 4, 2011

yummy salad

I just wanted to share my yummy dinner I had last night :)
I started with spinach.
Added a slice of green pepper
then half a tomato

Since I totally love lots of stuff in my salads..

I added..

An egg
Some ham less than an ounce I think

Some cottage cheese (fat free of course)
 a a couple tbsp of ff ranch

some ff bacon bits mmmmm

some mini ff croutons..

and about 6 points later

I have this :)

It was soooo yummy. I tried to use a smaller plate, but I overflowed, sorry Suzi..

I couldn't eat the whole thing. I think I left about a 4th of it on the plate.

I think it had a lot of protein, so that made me happy..

then off the the gym I went. I managed 20 minutes on the stair machine... then about 20 minutes on the track, jog/walking..

I am soooo hoping for a big loss this week. It's been . this or that lately and really want to get over a pound.

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spunkysuzi said...

Ymmers!! And you had a great workout. You are rocking this!!