Thursday, March 31, 2011

measurements for the month

I will say.. I didn't actually see any results in only a month.. but I suppose I've been working my arse off. Literally..

Here's the before (eep) starting March 1st with the Plus size bloggers.. 4 weeks to a better you challenge..

neck: 15
upper arm L 12.5
upper arm R 12.4
chest 34.5
waist 35
abdomen 36
bum 41 (eeeek!) seriously
upper thigh L 23
upper thigh R 23.5
calf L 16
calf R 15.5
upper knee L 16
upper knee R 15.5
total: *big huge sigh*

Ok.. here are today's measurements...
drumroll please...

k nuff playin..

Neck 13.5
Upper Arm L 11.4
Upper Arm R 11.5
Chest 33.5
Waist 34.5
Abdomen 35
Bum 40.5
Upper Thigh L 22
Upper Thigh R 22.5
Calf L 15.5
Calf R 15
Upper Knee L 16
Upper Knee R 15.5

grand total
inches 286.40

Total inches lost in March


O M G!

I can't believe it!!
That is bigger than a foot long sub people!

I have only lost like 2 pounds this month.. but I've been hitting the gym hard!
I am down a size in pants too.. I am just holding out on the shopping until I can actually get the "cute" and "sexy" clothes that I want!

Just goes to show.. hard work and sweat really do pay off!!!


spunkysuzi said...

That is fantabulous :)

kewkew said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
Great job!!!