Thursday, June 14, 2012


SIX pounds!

six pounds people!

I am  now at my lowest weight.. 154


Paleo the vegetarian way works!


here's to a new week and hopefully another loss!!

I totally won't expect such a big one.. but a loss would be great!

I feel amazing.

hardly any i.b.s. issues.. which I have had for years..

no bloating..

oh yeah!

I'm off for a long weekend. We've got a company party tomorrow at our local amusement park.. then the Zoo with the fam Saturday for Father's day.. and it's the Elephants b-day :)
then Sunday.. Bike shopping and spoiling the hubs

have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

You're not really paleo though are you? Bread, dairy and soy have no place in a paleo diet...

Sugar said...

I agree, I did have a few "cheats" but that couldn't be helped. but considering I went from carbs every meal, to some once or twice a week.. that's pretty close.
I don't know anyone that hasn't slipped up once or twice.

Anonymous said...

But paleo isn't about cutting carbs - it's about eliminating toxic foods from the diet. Gluten grains and soy (which is a legume) are not part of a paleo or primal diet, dairy, if raw or at least organic and unhomogenised can be incorporated into a primal diet.

It's practically impossible for a vegetarian to do proper paleo OR primal really

Sugar said...

ok first. why are you commenting anonymously?
second. I am just starting and new to the concept. I am tweaking and admit, I haven't quite reached the "perfect" stage yet.
third. I don't like being told something is impossible. that's just rude.
feel free to contact me through email if you have issues with how I live.

KC said...

Congrats Sugar! I think its awesome you are trying a new system and I'm glad to see it is working for you! anything that makes you happy and healthy is great!
and have fun at the zoo...I'm planning a trip with the lil one...I think it would be fun to take her.

Sugar said...

thanks hun! I bet the little one would love it! they have tons of new things to see! I can't wait!!

Diandra said...


If your new plan works for you, it does not matter whether it is "real" or "hardcore" paleo - just do what feels good for you!

ike said...

Jeez Loueeez - why can't people who think they have something to say, have the 'balls' to come and say it WITH THEIR NAME, instead of being sneaky beaky 'anonymous' ????!!!!!
The point is Sugs.... I think you are doing FAB and your weight loss is tremendous. :-D Go Girl :-) Any loss would be good but you have done marvelously and it reads to me that you are eating real healthy even if it isn't 'Real' or 'Hardcore' Paleo.... quite honestly who gives a smeg as long as this is working OK for YOU. ?!!! It's probably just some fat f"cker who is jealous of your weight loss anyway - so don't let this get to you Babe. You carry on your good work. :-D
Sorry for the rant :-D xxxxxxxx

Sugar said...

Lol. leave it to you ikey! ha!!

thanks girls for the encouragement!!