Thursday, June 7, 2012

Primal day one

I've read books. I've googled. I've researched the last few days..
I think I'm ready.
I won't be able to commit totally to Paleo eating..
being a vegetarian..
I'm ok with that..

even mostly eating the natural way.. I should see results


weigh in today
that's up five and a half pounds from just a few weeks ago..


this is why I'm desperate!

I've got my egg "omelet" ready to make for brekky

I've got my fruits n veggies ready to eat for snacks

I've got my broccoli slaw salad for lunch (with almonds)

I've got my water bottle right -----> here!

I am ready!

no more junk!!


Carrie said...

I feel your pain. After having some major life issues, I have gained back all the weight I lost and then some. Time to get back on track!

We can do this!

Sugar said...

woohoo! lets go!! I'm always around :) anyone can email me anytime we can all use some support!!

Diandra said...

Good luck!