Thursday, June 21, 2012

not a gain!

for once.. I didn't lose and then gain the next week..

I stayed pretty much the same.. maybe a fourth of a pound down...

but NOT a gain!!

woot woot!

I wasn't expecting much this week since I've been so super busy with dance recitals and such.. I have't exercised as much as usual. like twice lol

but I am happy with staying pretty much the same.

so happy!

I've stocked up on more "paleo" friendly foods so this week will be great!

I've also found a "friend" locally that is doing the same thing..
she rocks!

she's a coworkers wife and soo awesome! Were friends on facebook! tee-hee

she loves Crossfit.. so I think I am going to start that..
I might go to the local crossfit gym for a few visits to get the hang of it..


Pam Lofton said...

I just think it's always better wtih a friend! They are so supportive and keep us accountable! My BFF is a personal trainer and she's about to get a hold of me...hope she's still my BFF afterwards. LOL

Sugar said...

thank you! and good luck lol

ike said...

Well done you :-) I am going to have a go at this myself ... sort of 'with you' isn't it.?? Just bought my supplies of coconut milk for my coffee..., ugg :-(
I am off to Rhodes for 5 days from today for a music festival so I hope I can stay away from the beer and bad stuff !! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Diandra said...


Sugar said...

you ARE ikey?? woohoo!! email me or text me and we can get it done girl!!

Thanks Di!!