Wednesday, June 20, 2012

registered and Happy Solstice

I'm registered!

for our local half marathon!!!

it is on July 21st.. which happens to be my mama's b-day. miss you mom!!

but I am going to run 13.2 miles

I am going to make a shirt I think.. to honor my mom.

I just thought of that.. just now :)

eeee!! I'm so nervous.. seriously.
I've ran five miles.. I've even done six...
but 13??!!

wish me luck

Happy Solstice to all that celebrate :)

have a bonfire
make some faerie gardens or homes
bless your tools
perform some rituals
pick and press some herbs
make some sun catchers
enjoy your day!


Diandra said...

Good luck!

I am still not sure my knee will be well enough for the 5K in August... so definitely no half-marathon for me this year!

ike said...

Very good luck to you Sugar... just take it easy... you can do this :-D Hugz
Ike xxxxxx