Monday, June 4, 2012

so disappointed in myself

I haven't been following weight watchers.
I have given up.

the news that Jessica Simpson is getting paid MILLIONS to lose weight with the plan, seriously discouraged me.
I have been struggling to pay them every month.
I have been struggling to lose weight with them, every week.
and for them to pay a celeb millions for something that they probably wont really use.. I mean, they have trainers, personal chefs.. etc..
it bums me out.

I've gained six pounds over the last few weeks.

I feel like shit.


my body hurts.

my blood feels sick..

my hubs is having issues with me working out every night..
so I stopped.

I haven't worked out in three least

before that, it was once or twice for the week.

I am back to my sluggish, fat self.

yesterday, I could barely function
my muscles wouldn't listen to my brain.
I actually took a nap.
I never do that!

then hubs says..
I can see that you feel like crap.
maybe you should get back to the gym

ya think?

the issue is trying to balance my family time with my me time.

if I didn't have to be at work most of the day.. it would work.


I am thinking of quitting weight watchers.. I can't afford to pay them for something I can do on my own.

I feel guilty.
I was close to getting lifetime. but it was taking tooooo long. and that didn't seem to matter to them. they get their money. I suppose that's what really mattered.
I might rejoin later on, but in the mean time.. I need a new plan.

my girly Alex at my green fat pants is going to try Paleo..

I might give that some consideration.
I've seen it everywhere..
but not eating meat... It could be really hard, right?


Diandra said...

You could still do the whole WW plan without going to the meetings and stuff. If it worked for you while you did it, it might work for you again.

Or try something else. Paleo, South Beach, Dukan, ... - I think they all sound pretty ridiculous (as does every plan putting some foods "off limits"), but I know they do work for some people. Metabolisms are different, after all, and you might find a plan that is more easily sustainable and works better for you personally.

Finding a balance between family time and me-time is tough, indeed. Working out is not that big of a problem around here - I do it as soon as I get home after work, which leaves me with at least two hours without guy. Around here it is the other things that suffer - writing, knitting, replying to letters, reading a good book. I get up extra early to have some story-time in the morning, but it is not enough, and I can get really cranky if I don't get to write the stuff out of my system. The BF knows this and is trying to accommodate my needs, but he also wants to cuddle and waste time in front of the TV... well, maybe eventually we'll find a compromise. (I'd love to get rid of the TV, would solve about 80% of our problems.)

spunkysuzi said...

I know it's so hard to find the time and energy to do everything!

Sometimes a change is just what helps. And yes Weight watchers is very expensive these days.

You can take a break from them and go back later if you wanted to.

I hope you find the balance in life that you need.


KiddoKare1 said...

My oldest daughter joined Spark People online. It's free, there's lots of good information and help on there and she's doing great on it. I'm sorry you're struggling and I don't blame you, I'd feel the same way about WW paying anyone (but especially Jessica Simpson, LOL) millions.

Rapunzel said...

I second the suggestion for Sparkpeople, it is a really great site w/tons of free support!

Frustrated with WW, I just started the McDougall way of is plant-based so if you're a meat lover, it's not for you. I was already transitioning to vegan so this was just one more step, am feeling good about it so far!

Sugar said...

thanks friends. I don't feel so guilty now :)
I have been looking into paleo.. but yeah.. being vegetarian.. it will be more of a challenge.. but it is doable for me. I think I have gluten/carb issues.. so this may help.
Rapunzel.. I don't eat meat. so I will google mcdougall lol :)