Monday, April 11, 2011


I am making progress on my Fitblogger challenge..
ok.. challenges...

First is the weight training challenge..
This one is awesome! There is a whole printout for the 12 weeks that you can just take with you to the gym. Yes.. I look like a total ass when I'm marking my little boxes with my reps and weight.. but I don't care. I'm rocking this!
One funny for ya..
so.. I got all bodybuilding n stuff.. I grabbed the barbell from the weight bench.. I thought.. holy shiz this is heavy.. and it's just the bar.
Oh well. I added two ten pound weights and proceeded to do some bench presses.. Whew! I managed 3 sets of 12.

huffing and puffing.. a lil red faced.. I tried to do some curls.
Big no go!
I took off the 10 pounders and yelled at them some.
Added two 5 pounders.
Still frekin heavy.
but I managed 3 sets of 8..
not too shabby..
for a girl.
a fat girl.. I add..

k.. so
after a few more reps of stuff... I am totally dying.
I decide to walk my happy ass to the scale and see how much this damn bar weighs.

I struggle to get it on the scale on it's end.. might I add it's about 3 feet taller than me?

k.. ready?

it weighs 40 frekin pounds!

yup.. I benched 60 pounds!
I rock!!!


Moving on to the mileage challenge...

I've slowly been adding my time and speed..
according to log your run I've jogged about 10.5 miles so far this week. I have until Wednesday to get that 4.5 miles.. I'm right on track me thinks...

I took the kidlets for a stroll yesterday.. Well.. they biked.. I jogged..
lemme tell ya.. jogging on the pavement is harder than the cushiony treadmill...
my calves are not happy with me..

I wanted to get out in the fresh air.. even if it was nipply...

I jogged from my house to the middle of the small city.. I just tracked it.. it was 2.08 miles each way..
4.16 miles of fun!
A bit of spring showing..

Teeter tottering is great for squats!

yup.. I jogged in the snow.. with no jacket :) I'm bad ass that way.

so.. I'm off to enter to win that Mytrak.. I neeeeeeed that thing!! lemme tell ya!

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Anonymous said...

LOL! It's great that you have such a sense of humor about all this. Sounds like you had a nice workout.

Love the photos! Especially the one of you two on the teeter totter!