Tuesday, April 26, 2011

yummy stuff coming

I finally got around early enough to sign up for the produce coop in our area!
I paid $15 for a basket.. and it says we will get around $50 worth of goodies!

I am sooo excited..
I get to pick it up Saturday morning..
Definately will get pics of the goods.
Can't wait to see what I get.. I'm sure there will be stuff I've never bought before.. It's like my birthday!!



Anonymous said...

Congrats!! I wish I knew where I could do that. Sounds great!

Michele said...

You will love it! The BB co-op is so worth it. We get a basket every other week. It's so fun to try new things like; Jerusalem artichokes, blood oranges, etc. I never would have tried some of the different fruits and veggies otherwise. Plus, we always get basic things like lettuce, bananas, oranges, etc. Enjoy!