Thursday, April 14, 2011


I have been so busy lately.. I am a new member of a crazy amazing stamping design team.. I love love love it!!
I have been trying to workout how I am supposed to. but for some reason time just isn't letting me.
or my calf.
Sunday.. on my awesome lil four + mile jog..
I managed to hurt myself.
I think it was due to it getting waaay cold on my way home and my muscles got stiff.. but I kept going..
so me thinks I strained my calf muscle.
it hurts like hell..
well.. it did.
I limped through the week.
managed a bike ride yesterday.. then a few laps on the track.. I did get two jogging laps in.. so.. I think it's getting better..
but seriously? I don't need excuses to be lazy!
I have 50 activity poins so far this week.. so I suppose that's not horrible.. but I want more dammit! :)

upper body in the gym today..
I am still making myself do the fitblogger's weight training program! I love it so far.. so easy to manage and keep track of my progress..

I just wanted to share my yummy 3 pp lunch..
a bit of ff cottage cheese, some cucumber and tomato.. some pepper, mrs dash, lettuce, and grapes :)

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