Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter joggin

Guess what!!!

I am down another pound..
this is the lowest I have been in forever.. ok..
well.. since I had kids..
I am totally loving my WW's meetings.
My leader is so encouraging and sweet!
I am now.. one pound away from getting my 5 pound star.. my third.. so that will be 15 pounds people!
and I am also four pounds away from getting my 10%!
that is soooo close!!
I can't wait..
I had hoped to get it by the end of this month.. but with a week to go.. I don't think it will happen for this chubbybutt..
But it's there
it's looking at me
it's mocking me
it's teasing me
I will get it!

Ate some crap.. which I'm not proud of. But did pretty well.. for having all that chocolate and stuff around.
I did have a piece of cheesecake.. mmmmm it was soooo worth it..
I spent a great evening with the teenager.. well.. I jogged with my ipod.. she rode her bike, with her ipod..
But we still got some mommy daughter time..
I started again at my house.. and jogged..
get this..
2.82 miles.. to the rec center where I always work out.. It was closed.. but I still made it all the way there.. on my feet..
Then jogged back!
for a total of 5.64 miles.  I think I am on track for my weekly fitblogger challenge of 15 miles per week..
walking some of the time to catch my breath.. but jogging most of the time.. yes, I'm still slow..
but I'm jogging!
and we loved it..
the fresh air.
the budding flowers..

the deer!
yup.. the deer.
I saw this lil cutey in a field and had to click a pic (on my phone.. so it sucks)
then it walked across the street and joined two more deer to play in someone's yard for a bit.
They are so peaceful and pretty..
Love the random wandering deer..

Shes kinda hard to see.. but if you look closely.. :)

have a great day!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time with your teenager!

I love the photos! It's so neat that you saw deer on your walk!

Here's my Challenge Update

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Love your upbeat attitude:)