Monday, April 18, 2011

still going!

I am still racking up the miles..
thanks to Fitblogger's weight challenge.. I have lifted weights and jogged my guts out!
I have slacked on the good eating and gained a pound.. but I got lazy.
I ate snacks.. not good snacks.. didn't track.. excuses.. I could go on..
but I won't
I will celebrate the success I had..
I hit the pavement twice this week.. er.. last week?
I played on the treadmill, the bike, the elliptical and yes.. with the dumbbells!
I had a great time... walking my doggies.. jogging along behind my kids on their bikes..
I racked up 72 activity points.. not too shabby..
I used the 15 pound dumbbells.. every time! and rocked my lifts..
I am dying to win the awesomesauce prize for all this work!
not only will I be skinny and rock hard..
thanks to
I can win a Mytrak to help me keep track of all this excitement!
*still crossing fingers*
and toes..
and eyes..
and legs..(hubby isn't liking that too much)

Off to get a great workout on..

1 comment:

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Kudos on all that moving! I find exercise easier to be consistent with than my eating:(