Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Forgot to tell ya

So I had to just rush the Saturday weigh in. It was my hunkaman's b-day so we were going to breakfast and the kidlets were waiting in the car..


all my hard workin paid off

I was down 3.8!

Woot woot! 

fist pumps n stuff..

Then we went to breakfast and I was so pleased with myself, I ordered an egg white omelet and fruit.. :)

But the weekend got pretty bad after that..
well for weight loss

We went to Wendover, A Nevada town a couple hours away to gamble for hubsters b-day.
We met up with a couple awesomesauce friends and had a freggin blast!
I had a little time to look up drinks on the drive and found screwdrivers were probably the best..
I would have got some light beers, but being on my migraine meds, can't stand anything carbonated. :)

Buuut.. We had a good time.. took lots of awesome pics (which can't be posted anywhere) lol..

Lost our arses but it was worth it.

I hope this week is good to me.. I am working on my water.. I have managed to get at least 100 ounces every day, so that is a good start.

I have also signed up for spunkysuzi's no salt challenge for this week.
I think I rocked the fruits n veggies last week, making sure I got em all in..
So this is a challenge to not add salt to my food.
I think that is a good thing with my blood pressure being all wonky n all..

Have a great day!

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