Friday, February 25, 2011

jogging and jiggling

I was told a year or so ago by my rheumatologist.. No running or anything that will have impact.
due to my awesome neck and back issues.
I can damage nerves or even paralyze myself.
Talk about scary.

I have been walking really really fast on the treadmill for a while now.
Looking over at the little skinny minis running all happy and sweaty.

I wanted to be running like them.
so bad.

So last night. after a super sweaty 30 minutes on the cross trainer elliptical thingy I decided.. well everyone else decided for me. Since all the machines were taken. That I would go walk on the track for a bit.

The kidlets were swimming.. so there was nothing to stop me. :)
Ah the sights you see on the track at the rec center.
For instance..

One running man that should not wear baggy shorts. They ride.
One reallllly tall guy that totally rocks some awesome black knee high socks with his white sneakers and blue shorts.
A cute lil lady in her church clothes that has her cell phone glued to her ear for the whole 30 minutes I was up there.
A few drool worthy mens. That made it all worth it. :)

uh hem

So.. I get my walk on. I get faster. I text my hunkaman that I really want to run.
I'm crazy. I know.
But when something is forbidden.. I crave it that much more. yanno?

so he says.. ok.
then I remind him that the dr said no. He says.. well just do it and don't hurt yourself. go slow.

so I jog. I actually remember how to jog.
I jiggle. a lot.
I jog slow. No pain. at all.
I feel good. I am jogging.
I am jiggling but I am jogging.
fist pump!
a few times.
I manage three laps before I decide I really don't want to hurt myself and walk a few more laps.

A great workout!

next time.. Im totally taking pictures.

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