Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Monday

The feelings of dread were warranted.. I was up two pounds on my Saturday weigh in.

I freggin know!

I seriously almost cried people. Yup. Over two pounds.
Not just because I am up two pounds, but
Because I was soooo close to getting my five pound sticker.
I want that freggin sticker dammit!

So I kicked myself and right after the meeting went to Zumba

Where my fat ass got sweaty and moved until, seriously, I felt better.
I felt better about myself.
I didn't care about that damn two pounds
I know I can lose it this week.

I moved on.

Then I went home, made sumpin healthy to snack on .. carrots, a cheese stick and a banana..

Then took kidlet number two ice skating..
well..she skated.. I ellipticalled :)

Moving on the the super bowl.
I didn't really care for either team so I was busy making snacks for the fam.
They had chips, cheese sticks, pizza rolls.. pretzels and more junk food than you can shake a fat ass at..
I had a low carb turkey tortilla wrap :)  Oh and some pretzel crisps with a laughing cow cheese  mmmmm

Then half time sucked so I took my fluffykins for a walk..

Its a bad pic.. cuz my phone sucks and it is dark :) but isn't he cuuuute??  :)

So.. I think I'm off to a great start.

I wrote down my goals for the week during the ww meeting..
1. lose 5.2 to be down 10 pounds ( I really want that damn sticker)
2. drink my 100 ounces of water every day
3. take at least one Zumba class this week.. (done but going to do one more at least)
4. take a spinning class

That's all for today
Have a great one!

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