Monday, February 21, 2011

Hungry Girl

So Saturday at my Weight Watchers meeting, I heard the leader say something about Hungry Girl and her website. I have never ever heard of this girl before.
in my life.

so I googled today, since that's what I do. I google :)

lemme tell ya..
Hungry girl is awesome to the A.
Freggin amazing how she works. Her website is so cute n girly.. which I love
She has recipes, books and more. Articles, reviews, polls.. and the list goes on.
I so want to be her when I grow up!

Hungry is her website.

go check it out.. I'll wait..


isn't she adorable?

I think I found my new obsession. :)

I signed up for the newsletter so maybe I'll be sharing some info from that soon!
like the nach average dessert? omg those look fabulous.. I may have to make some. right now.

Oh I lost .2 at my weigh in on Saturday. Very Very disappointing I tell ya. I was crushed. But I kind of expected it. I only worked out a couple days last week, due to the new tatt and it hadta heal n stuff.
But I've already hit the gym hard since then and kick some major ass. yup.
here's to a good week and lots of weight loss!

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