Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day!!

and all that mushy stuff!

who am I kidding? I am the ultimate mushygirl!!

So I weighed in Saturday..not the five pound loss I was hoping for but down 2. something.. I can't remember right now..

I got my five pound bravo sticker! woohoo!! a sticker!
I told my hubby it sounds so kindergarten, but that damn sticker is a badge dammit!
I will never see those five pounds again.

I only need 2.8 or something (see how off I am today) to get another!

take that beotches! two stickers!

so that's my goal this week.

With V-day and coworker birthday lunches this week.. it's gonna be a struggle, but I can do it!

our leader said something.. and I am paraphrasing..
only you are in control of what goes in your mouth. only you are in control of what you eat.

and yanno.. she is right!

Oh Oh Oh !!!!
I finally got my hunkaman to the gym on Sunday! omg I bout died when he said he'd go.
lemme fill ya in.
I've been going to the rec center in town for over a year.. almost daily. yup really.

aaand.. I've asked him almost every time if he wants to come workout with me.. yanno.. to get more sexy n stuff..

get turned down every time..
till yesterday!!

isn't he smexy??
back off.. he's mine! lol

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