Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Body for life

mkay kids.
time for another "thing for me to try"

I seem to flop with these things. ever notice?

I was told to try this by a coworker.. he lifts weights.. pretty well from what I can see..
I am

does that make me a sucker?

do I care?


so.. the cheapskate that I am..
ran to the library..
ok.. drove in my car..

and grabbed these lil goodies..

sorry bout the crappy pics..

but I am going to start next Monday.
so far I see a challenge making it for my tree hugger vegetarianism Weight Watcher's self..
but the stories and pictures make me soooo want to make it work!

what's 12 weeks?
I am not going to lose anything.. cept maybe some flub.

I guess I will have to start going to the tanning bed.. since most of the "after" pics are all tanned muscled up chicks.. so hot!


Diandra said...

Fun trivia - tanned people *look* thinner.

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