Monday, August 22, 2011

Week one down.. 11 to go!

good progress so far..
I think I did pretty well on the Body for life plan
I lost 3.6 pounds..
finally.. a loss!

I hope to lose one or two this week..not planning on a huge loss.. we'll see what happens.

I will try to post my workouts and meal plans as soon as I can..
I have my workouts all written out on index cards to take to the gym.. easy peasy..

that way I don't have to guess or try to remember what I did or need to do..

but.. a loss is a loss.. I'll take it!

this week is going to be a lil harder..
trying to get all my veggies in..
all the protein..
it's a challenge.
but I am so going to do it!
I want to win!!!!


Michele said...

Excellent weight loss! Have another good week.

Diandra said...

A loss is a loss. ^^