Thursday, August 4, 2011

What a bummer and a month with no fast food?

 the hubs gave me his ipod touch.. I handed mine down to my teenager..and so on..
but I had the awesome Nike+ app.. so I could use the pedometer, the workout tracker thinkabajig.. and sync it on my puter..
it was awesome!

but the new Ipod touch.. doesn't have it!
well.. it does.. but I have to buy

which is around $20
I don't really mind.. but I really have to have one for the app to even start..
I wanted to go make a few playlists for running, walking, ellipticalling, stairmastering.. etc..
but it wont let me do that.. ugh!


 anyone know where I can get a Nike + sensor for cheap.. free is better!

Me n the hunkaman hubs decided we would go a whole month with no fast food. none.
this may sound easy for most people. but we have all kinds of excuses for eating out.
I get busy and don't always have time to cook dinner.
I haven't had time to get to the grocery store for lunches..
I'm lazy..

 after a meltdown from the youngest daughter for not buying her mcd's.. seriously.. there were tears and lots of crying..
yeah.. over food..
fast food.

we decided to be the parents.
and no fast food
for a month.

it's gonna be hard.. but worth it
to show my kids
they can be healthy
and eat yummy food at home
and I am going to be challenged to cook.
every day

wish us luck

we'll need it! more thing..
would it be weird to ask a fellow (yes a total stranger) gym goer.. who looks totes like she knows what she's doing.. (I'm talking bodybuilding championship trophies here) to help me out some?
think she'd freak?


Diandra said...

First of all, asking a stranger for help at the gym is not that weird. Unless you start your conversation with, "You may not have realized it, but I HAVE BEEN WATCHING YOU FOR A WHILE..." ^^

And - is it really faster to grab fast food than to cook pasta and tomato sauce at home? It may depend on where you live, but getting fast food, for us, means taking the bus for a 10min ride into town, walking another 5min, standing in line for 5min. MY favorite pasta with feta and tomato sauce - 15min to boil the pasta, and the sauce can be made at the same time. Plus, it's cheaper. And more delicious. ^^

(I'm cooking right now. Beans marinating on the stove, mustard chicken in the oven. 20min and I can put it on the plate to eat. Perfect time for reading news.)

Sugar said...

it really is faster.. lol.
we are right next door to at least four places.. I can see them from my living room.. which really makes it harder to resist!