Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Diet free for life book review

'Member a while back when I toldya I got this awesomesauce book?
this post.. here

I read it!
and I loved it...
 more than cake? maybe..

here's a quicky review just in case you were thinkin of getting this book.

The diet-free for life book is basically about resetting your life.
It starts with simple, easy to answer questions about yourself. Where you want to go, what you want to do, what you want to avoid.. etc.

It really digs in deep with the mental aspect of weight loss and eating. There are step by step, day by day "projects" to keep you going for the process of losing weight. There are insightful quizzes that put you on the right track of where to go and exactly how to do it.

I especially love that there is a vegetarian section.. and it isn't small. Awesome!
I will have to get out my handy dandy notebook and skully pencil and take lots of notes, as there was so much info that I want to remember. Robert Ferguson breaks down weight loss in user friendly ways and makes it make sense. This book really reaches out to me as a human, not just a fat chick.
You can personalize the book for your needs and make it work.

I would recommend this book to almost every one I know. I would give it to anyone who has told me they don't know why they overeat, or they don't know how to lose weight. Anyone who has said they get stuck with motivation, planning, etc.. should get this book!

There are menu plans, recipes, exercise plans.. everything you need to be "diet-free"
and I truly think if you follow the plan, you wont feel like you're on a "diet"..

there ya go.
Thanks Kirsten

oh.. she posted the review on her blogarooney..

I luff my online peeps. I do.

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