Friday, August 5, 2011

mkay. this was soooo good

I totes can't believe I haven't tried a combo like this before. I see recipes for it everywhere.

But I finally jumped on the bandwagon of cheese n maters.

First I took two thin slices of french bread, fresh from my local bakery.. yumo!
added some thinly sliced mozarella
a few mater slices
some fresh basil from my window (I'm a gardener like that yano?)

squirted some Italian fancy pants balsamic vinegar (it is soooo good I could just drink it out of the bottle) uh hem.
popped it in my handy dandy toaster oven

waited a few minutes.. while cooking the hubs a frozen pizza..
drinkin a diet coke...

all for around 7P+! seriously..


Thrice Blessed said...

It looks good! I'm going to have to start making myself try some other recipes, the family is getting tired of my chicken stir-fry (which I eat about 4 times a week so I don't have to think of what to make for dinner...)

Sugar said...

I know.. we get in the habits of pizza, tacos and fast food every week.. I am so glad I don't have to eat what hubs does. the same thing over and over sucks!

Results Not Typical Girl said...

even though this totes looks yum, i'm still in shock over the whole no fast food thing. it's like my arm is cut off or something...

gonna start my drive-thru free journey on monday.

wish me luck!!

Michele said...

Yay! Way to try new things!! I LOVE fresh basil! That is one of my favorite sandwiches ever! I make mine on a whole wheat ciabatta roll and use pesto instead of vinegar. Then I stick it on my panini press. It's 6 PP and to die for!