Tuesday, August 23, 2011

workout from Friday

Just thought I'd share my Friday Upper body workout..

Dumbbell incline press 12x10 10x15 8x15 6x20 12x20
dumbbell flys 12x15
lat pulldowns 12x50 10x60 8x70 6x80 12x80
cable rows 12x50
reverse flys 12x30 10x40 8x40 6x40 12x40
barbell rows 12x20
hammer curls 12x10 10x15 8x15 6x20 12x15
dumbbell curls 12x15
tricep kickbacks 12x10 10x15 8x15 6x15 12x15
tricep pushdowns 12x60

not too shabby huh?

oh yeah.. I joined my fitness pal
just to see what the hubub was..

it totes rocks peeps..

it actually figures out the nutrition info for me!
since I'm lazy.. I luff this site..
it's only day two..
but so far so good..

go check it out
if you're already on there.. add me.. I luff friends!

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