Monday, August 29, 2011

I did it!

I finally got that damn 25# charm!!
Can I just tell ya? SQUEEEEEE!!!!

I was so happy, I made a goal. It took forevah.. but I did it!

Now I just have to get another one.. and I will be a lifetime member of Weight Watchers! Which means.. free!!

The meeting topic was about Positive self talk.
How easy is it to make bad or negative comments about ourselves? I do it constantly. All day long.
How hard would it be to change a few of those.. gradually increasing so everything we think or say about ourselves.. is positive?

check this out..
I am going to fill this out and hang it on my fridge..
so every time I want to wander in and grab something I am not supposed to have..
taa-daa! The reason.. I CAN make GOOD CHOICES!

I am still totally rockin the body for life challenge..
except yesterday..
it was supposed to be my rest day..
I went to yoga.. the teenager wanted to go and her friend came.. he loved it! How cute is that? (He wants to go to Zumba with us this week too) tee-hee
went home..
cleaned the house..
went back to the rec..
did the elliptical..
went grocery shopping
did laundry..
played with my puppy..

where is the rest in this day?

but I felt awesome..

I am having a hard time (I really really don't want to sound like one of those whiny teenagers who says I'm too fat when I really need to eat more)
but I can't get enough calories in with my exercise.
But I am not willing to give up my exercise.
I know what to do.. I just don't.

since starting to use my fitness pal
I can see EXACTLY what goes in and out..
and I am always getting the warning.. You are not consuming enough calories. You are in danger of putting your body in Starvation mode..
all I can think of is more veggies..more protein. With Body For Life.. it is pretty restrictive.. so I really have to watch it.. and not eating meat.. doesn't help either.

I think I am doing pretty well so far.
down 5.4 pounds in two

This is also the final post for slimmer this summer
I struggled with remembering to link my posts.. but I've always been here!
I think I'm down a total of 9.2 pounds since this began.. not too shabby?

well kids..
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Congrats. Love the note, be positive! Life will fall into place.

Unknown said...

You've done great! I have the issue with getting all my calories in also & finally figured that if/when I'm not losing I'll worry about it more, until then I'll eat healthy and try to get them all in but if I don't it's ok until it becomes a hinderance:-)