Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mindful eating

home sick one day last week.. me n the kidling were watching Dr Oz.. I heart this man, I tell ya!

he had Goldie Hawn on and she was amazing! a lil fishlippy.. but amazing all the same..

her new thing is "10 mindful minutes" feeling younger and such..

she had Dr Oz put a jelly bean in his mouth.. eyes closed and hold it..
feel it, taste it, savor it..
it was a great thing to watch..
someone experiencing their food.

I thought.. I need to do that
so.. I made my lil lunch of cottage cheese, fruit n chia seeds.. and it took me 45 minutes to eat the bowl.
it wasn't a big bowl either.
I TASTED every bite.
I SAVORED the berries.

it rocked.

My new thing will be "to be mindful of my food" everything I put in my mouth. I need to ask.. Why am I eating this? Is it to fill a void? Is it to nourish my body? Is it to fuel a workout? Is it just to put something in my mouth because I'm bored, tired, filling the habit?? etc..

I need to pay attention to what I am putting in my body, so I can get the most out of my body! I want to be healthy and happy. Food is the best place to start!

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Caron said...

I had a Weight Watcher leader years ago who brought in a plate of raisins and each one had a toothpick in it. We each took one and did the same exercise that Dr. Oz did. I eat way too fast so it was an eye opener for me! :)