Friday, January 13, 2012

A new project coming

I don't have a tracking post for ya..
It's Friday..
gimme a break lol

I just had a brilliant idea. 
Just now.

Browsing Amazon for Vegetarian cookbooks.. I found tons I can get on my new Kindle Fire..FREE!!

here's my awesomesauce plan

I am going to try at least one new recipe from a cookbook every day this month..
I will post the recipe, the book and pics of how it turned out..


This will be alot of work, but I need to live life. yanno?

What better way than to cook yummy food?
and to share with my friends?


So.. See ya Monday with, hopefully, a successful recipe post!

Have a great Weekend everyone!!


Tami AKA My Kid's Mom said...

good luck! Let me know if the cookbooks are any good - I was afraid the free ones wouldn't have anything good in them so I haven't downloaded any yet.

Empty Nester said...

I can't wait!