Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Veggie meatballs

While I drink my yummy fruit smoothie I just made, I'll share my dinner last night :)

I found these
at Costco
Had to have them!

This isn't a recipe out of a book, it's outta my head..

First.. they almost actually LOOK like the picture! Crazyness!

 I cooked em up.. added a couple tbsp of leftover Marinara sauce I had in the fridge
 added em to a bagel thin with some lettuce

I added some tomatoes, a tiny cucumber (can't remember what they're called) and a couple spritz's of Balsamic vinegar..

sooo good!

the only issue I had was that I may have overcooked the "balls"
they got a tad squishy..
no biggie though.. easier to fit in my bagel thin :)

a Serving is 4 "meatballs" for 3 Weight Watchers Points Plus..
not bad at all!
I had five so I give them 4 p+..
add 3 for the bagel thin..
total P+ 7
not too shabby, eh?

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