Monday, January 16, 2012

A smoothie

I know I said I would try a new cookbook recipe.. but my Kindle Fire took a while to upload  my cookbooks.
I have em now!!

in the mean time..

I whipped up this lil gem..
soooooo goood!!!

1/3 oz chia seeds 1p+
1/4 cup strawberries 0p+
1 cup frozen mixed fruit 0p+
1/8 cup fresh blackberries 0p+
1/2 banana 0p+
water and ice

before blending

 after blending..

The recipe builder gave me 5p+'s for this.. not too bad for dinner. it was super filling too!!

I'll try a new recipe tonight..

I spent the weekend cleaning and scrubbing my house preparing for our BRAND NEW furniture!
I am sooooo excited for it to be delivered today!!

Oh yeah.. please someone remind me to share my posts to FB and Twitter if I forget?? I always forget to share them.. no wonder I'm still hidden.. or maybe I'm just boring?

1 comment:

Coach said...

Your smoothie has funny color, but I can imagine that the taste is much better.