Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pasta Fagoli

I am so sorry I've been missing.
I got an intestinal flu last week and was down for a few days!

I did lose 1.4 #'s.. kinda disappointing considering I didn't eat for three days... but eh well.. a loss is a loss...

I did make a new recipe last week.. before I got sick..
it was sooooo good! and super filling

Pasta Fagoli
Thanks to "authentic italian recipes, not just pasta" I downloaded on my Kindle fire..

 step one.. adding celery, onion, seasonings..

 added tomatoes (I didn't have fresh tomatoes.. so I used diced canned)
 adding noodles.. (again.. I didn't follow the directions.. I used shells instead of spinach noodles)
added beans

 taa-daa.. blurry pic of nummy food!

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EmptyNester said...

Glad you're feeling better! Those stomach bugs can be brutal! That dish looks amazing!